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M.A., BET, Ph.D, LLB

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13 Years

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Wellie Sinha

Title Of The Ph.D. Thesis
Effect of Parent-Child Relationship On Chil

Titile of the Ph.D. Thesis

“Effict of present – Child relationship on Childern’s Personal values And problems”, july, 2009 Awarded – 2013

Titile of the Ph.D. Thesis

“Impact of the family Environment on self- concept and Emotional Intelligance of Adolescents Of patna Distric”, july , 2011 Awarded -2014

Titile of the Ph.D. Thesis

“ A study of Emotional Intelligance in Relations to Academic Performance, Adjestment And Depressive Tendencies Among Adolescents “ . july 2011

Titile of the Ph.D. Thesis

“An Experimental Study of Zeigrnik Effict in Relation to Motivational Components”. July 2012

Titile of the Ph.D. Thesis

“ Internet Addiction and its Relationship to Personality Traits, Mental Health And Adjustment of the Adolescents “. July, 2015

Participation In Workshop/ Conference/ Seminar/ Training Program etc.

National Seminar, March, 25-26, 2006

“मादा भ्रम हत्या और लिंग असमानता”, Deptt. Of Geography, B.N College, Patna, P.U Patna Bihar.

National Conference, October, 14-16-2006

“PRIs and good governance with reference to political Psychology of women”, Deptt. Of pol. Science, RNAR College, Samastipur, L.N.M.U Darbhanga Bihar.

National Seminar, Nov 23-24, 2006

“Stress Manegement Among People with Reference to Education” Deptt of Psychology, M.M. College, Khagaul, Patna, M.U, Bodh Gaya.

National Conference, April 04-05, 2007

“Adjustment and Delinquent tendencies”, Deptt of Psychology, J.D.W. College Patna, M.U, Bodh Gaya.

UGC Seminar , May 19-20, 2007

“ Women Empowerment in Psycho-Social Perspective”, Deptt of Psychology, MLSM College, Darbhanga, L.N.M.U. Darbhanga Bihar.

National Seminar , May 27-28,2007

“Gender Discrimination : A Socio-Psycho-Social Perspective”, Deptt of Psychology, V.M.C, Hajipur B.R.A.U, Muzaffarpur, Bihar.

National Seminar , March 07, 2008

“Stress Management- Remedy or Means to reduce of manage stress level”, Deptt. Of Psychology, Jagjiwan College Ara, V.K.S.V, Ara Bihar.

National Seminar, March 29-30, 2008

“ Truancy Indiscipline and remedial Mesures”, Deptt of Psychology G.B. College Gaya, M.U, Bodh Gaya Bihar.

National Seminar , Jan 24-25, 2009

“Stress Manegement and IT”, Deptt of PMIR, P.U, Patna Bihar.

National Seminar , Feb 21-22, 2009

“Crime Agent Girl Child”, Deptt of Sociology, M.M College, Patna P.U, Patna Bihar

International Seminar Nov. 07-08, 2009

“Women work and Poverty in Bihar”, Deptt of PMIR, P.U, Patna Bihar.

National Seminar, Jan 23-24, 2010

“Changing contours of intelligence”, P.G. Center of Psychology, College of Commerce, Patna, M.U, Bodh Gaya Bihar.

Workshop attended, sep. 06-07-2010

“class XI & XII Model Question – Answer and Marking Scheme for year 2011” Bihar School Examination Board Patna Bihar.

National Seminar, Sep 17-18, 2010.

“Psycho-Social consequences of Unemployment” Deptt of Psychology, Jai Prakash University, Chapra Bihar .

National Seminar March 26-27, 2011

“Psychology of terrorisn : Facing of indian Model”, Deptt of Psychology, G.D.M College, Harnaut, Nalanda, M.U, Bodh Gaya, Bihar.

National Seminar, Sep. 26-27, 2011

“The Role of Psycho-Social Perspective In Women’s Empowerment”, Deptt of Psychology Millat College, Darbhanga, L.N.M.U, Darbhanga, Bihar.

International Seminar, Nov. 25-27, 2011

“Educational and Social Inclusion”, International Conference on Educational and Social Inclusion (ICESI) Patna Bihar India.

International Seminar, Jan 03-07, 2012.

“Aggression and Delinquency – A Comprative Study” 99th Indian Science Congress Bhubaneshwae, India.

National Seminar , Feb. 27-28,2012

“stress and Health : A Psychological Aspect”, P.G Deptt. Of Psychology, S.K.M University, Dumka, Jharkhand.

International Seminar, Jan 03-07, 2013

“ 100th Indian Science Congress”, Kolkata, India.

National Seminar, April 24-25, 2013.

“Live-in-Relationship in The Indian Context : Legal and Psychological Perspectives”, P.G. Deptt of Philosophy, T.P.S College, Patna M.U. Bodh Gaya Bihar.

National Seminar, May 06-07, 2013

“ Psycho-Social Impact of Improved Female Literacy in Bihar” Deptt of Psychology, G.D.M. College, Patna, M.U. Bodh Gaya, Bihar.

National Seminar, Sep 24-25, 2013

“Adjustment Problem Of Old Age : A Psychological Study”, Deptt of Sociology, Sri Arvind Mahila College, Patna, M.U, Bodh Gaya Bihar.

National Conference, Nov. 25-26, 2013

“ Pollution In Human Behaviour : A Psychological Study”, Deptt of Psychology, Tilka Manjhi Bhagalpur University, Bhagalpur Bihar.

National Conference, Mar. 29, 30 & 31, 2014.

“Awarded, IPA President Gold Medal Award 2013 for Excellence in Psychology & Education “ Deptt of Psychology, Tilak Manjhi Bhagalpur University, Bhagalpur Bihar

International Conference, Mar 29, 30 & 31, 2014.

“Behaviour Therapy : Panacea for all sorts of Behavioural Disorder”, Deptt of Psychology, Magadh University, Gaya, Bihar, India

Workshop attended, Aug. 08, 2014

“Teaching Methodology with ICT & Case Based Learning” Held at Magadh Mahila College, P.U, Bihar.

National Conference, Sep. 13-14,2014

“ Community Based Participatory Research”, Deptt. Of Psychology, G.D.M. College, Harnaut, Nalanda Bihar.

National Seminar, Dec, 13.14, 2014.

“Marital Sexual Violence By Youth India”, Deptt of Psychology, G.D.M. College Harnaut, Nalanda, Bihar.

International Conference, Dec. 23-25,2014

“Pollution in Human Behaviour (A Psychological Study) 6th Bihar Science Conference 2014, An International Conference On Science & Technology, Organized by B. Brains Development Society & Magadh Mahila College, Bihar

National Seminar , April 24, 25 & 26, 2015.

“Dalit in Indian Society : A psychological Study” Centre for Study of Social Exclusion & Inclusive policy , Patna University Patna.

National Seminar, July 9-10, 2015

“ Lohe ke Pannkh ka patra ka manovaigyanik Vishleshan” Deptt of Hindi, B.N College, Patna University, Patna.

National Conference , July 25 & 26, 2015.

“Stress Management : A Psychological Aspects”, P.G Deptt of Psychology, M.M Mahila College, V.K.S.U, Ara

Worshop Attended, Dec. 07-09, 2015

State Level Workshop for “Training of Trainers”, Bihar State AIDS Control Socity, Patna at Hotel Chanakya, Patna, Bihar.

National Seminar, Feb 7-8, 2016

“Demographic Differences and Occupational Stress of Secondary School Teachers” Deptt. Of Psychology, Nimala College, Ranchi.

Administrative Experience


Member, Admission Committee, B.N. College, Patna.


Assistant Co-ordinator, IGNOU, B.N College, Patna.


Membe Sports Committee, B.N College Patna.


Member, Cultural Activity, B.N College, Patna


Member, NAAC, Accreditation Committee, B.N College, Patna.

Awards(if Any)

Membership of Academic Bodies


Bihar Psychological Association- Lite Member, 117/2007


Behaviorometric Journal Devoted to behavioral Research with focus on HRD Life Member


The Indian Science Congress Association Life Member


Indian Academy of Aoolied Psychology – Life member 1361/2012


A.N.S Institute of Social Study, Patna- Annually Member

Research Project




व्याहारिक मनोविज्ञान, 2005- नोवेल्टी एंड कम्पनी, पटना ISBN: 81-69931-42-2, कुल पृष्ठों की संख्या -256


मूलाधार मनोविज्ञान, 2006- नोवेल्टी एंड कम्पनी, पटना ISBN: 81-69931-54-6, कुल पृष्ठों की संख्या -256


Applied Psychology, 2007 Novelty & Co., Patna, No. Of Pages :166


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मनोविज्ञान, कक्षा-12, 2011 - मनोविज्ञान, कक्षा-11, 2008 - नोवेल्टी एंड कम्पनी, पटना ISBN: 81-69931-84-8, कुल पृष्ठों की संख्या -414


व्यक्तित्व परखने के २७ तरीके, 2012 - नोवेल्टी एंड कम्पनी, पटना ISBN: 978-93-81785-18-8, कुल पृष्ठों की संख्या -144


बेट, नेट, सेट : मनोविज्ञान, 2013 - नोवेल्टी एंड कम्पनी, पटना ISBN: 978-93-81785-55-3, कुल पृष्ठों की संख्या -185


वास्तुनिष्ठ मनोविज्ञान, 2015 - नोवेल्टी एंड कम्पनी, पटना ISBN: 978-93-81785-62-1, कुल पृष्ठों की संख्या -658

Research Papers


1. “Intelligence And Delinquents And Non-Delinquents – A Comparative Study” The Hindustan Review ISSN: 0972-1894, VOL 25 No.23 July-Sep, 2006.


2. “Importance Of Physiological Factor In Emotion “The Hindustan Review ISSN: 0972-1894, VOL. 31, No.,29 Jan-Mar, 2008, P. 12-14


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